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  That’s a few small steps for Cassie the robotic, one large leap for robotkind  lifebloombeauty . Oregon State University’s progressive bipedal robot, Cassie, has made history with the aid of going for walks 5 kilometers (kind of 3 miles) in 53 mins. That’s nearly on par with the average human: Members of our species can run the same distance in around 30 to 40 minutes futuretechexpert . The bot, which became produced by means of Agility Robotics, completed the course entirely untethered and on a unmarried battery charge. Cassie is the first bipedal robotic to use device gaining knowledge of to control a strolling gait on outdoor terrain, showcasing a particularly eerie potential to emulate humankind naturalbeautytrends . Cassie was developed underneath the direction of OSU robotics professor and Agility Robotics co-founder Jonathan Hurst with a 16-month, $1 million grant from the Advanced Research Projects Agency of america Department of Defense. She became first brought in 2017 and

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